The Nabonghos 
Directors of Wandering Feet


Wesley Shuler

Jackie Zuercher

Cindy Shuler

Jenny Crim

Erin and Derick Nabongho

  We are Erin and Derick Nabongho. I (Erin) grew up in the United States. As a teenager I dreamed of going to Africa and working with orphans. In January of 2016 I spent a month working with Sonrise Ministries in Uganda. It changed my life! 
   I (Derick) grew up an orphan living with different relatives until I was 15 when my Uncle took me in. He worked for Sonrise Ministries. I dreamed of becoming a doctor and helping my people through medicine. With the help of sponsors I completed nursing school in 2018.

   We met at the Sonrise Babies Home in 2016. We developed our relationship by phone, texting and occasional visits and married in March of 2019. Since then we have volunteered with Sonrise. Launching Wandering Feet is the blending of our gifts and passions to share the love of Jesus through medicine and children’s programs.