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   We're inviting you, your family or small group to Lend a Hand by making a one-time donation of $200 or more to help us grow in 2024. We're adding new team members, improving clinic follow-up and discipling new leaders.

   Your gift will enable us to complete the NGO status in Uganda, improve our facilities, and expand our team.

Mobile Clinics

One-day clinics serving up to 500 people.

Cost includes medical personnel, test kits and medication.

Estimated Need: $2,500 per Clinic

Lend a Hand

Lend a Hand as we prepare for new ventures in 2024. Wes and Bre Shuler will be joining the team in Uganda early summer of 2024. To facilitate their move, we need to finalize our NGO status and upgrade our facilities. Consider being one of at least 30 individuals or groups to donate $200 to Wandering Feet.


Find us: 

PO Box 613, Winona Lake, IN 46590

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